NRCC Blasts Dems for Skyrocketing Your Thanksgiving Dinner Bills!

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has come out swinging with a new video that aims to put the blame on Democrats for the rising food prices ahead of Thanksgiving. In the online ad titled “Thanksgiving in Biden’s America,” the NRCC highlights the fact that some of the traditional Thanksgiving favorites are hitting people’s wallets harder this year, and they claim it’s all thanks to the Democrats. According to the NRCC, prices for canned cranberries, canned pumpkins, and russet potatoes have risen by a staggering 60%, 30%, and 14% respectively since 2022.

To drive their point home, the NRCC video features interviews with frustrated grocery shoppers who express their concerns over the soaring costs. One shopper says, “It’s super expensive, and I’m sharing the cost with some of my siblings,” while another adds, “Definitely more conscious about what we purchase.” The video serves as a reminder that inflation has spiked under the Biden administration, with critics attributing it to the record-breaking levels of government spending approved by Democrats.

Ben Smith, the NRCC’s rapid response director, didn’t hold back in his statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation. He said, “Unsatisfied with their war on Christmas, extreme Democrats launched a war on Thanksgiving. That’s why your Thanksgiving meal costs skyrocketed.” Smith’s fiery words resonate with conservative voters who believe that Democrats are to blame for the current economic situation.

While the average cost for a Thanksgiving feast for ten people has seen a slight decrease of 4.5% since 2022, it is still far from the pre-pandemic prices. The American Farm Bureau Federation’s report released on November 15 reveals that the current average cost sits at $61.17, which is a significant increase of 25% since 2019. Last year’s Thanksgiving feast reached a record-high price of $64.05 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NRCC has a clear goal in mind: expanding its majority in the House by targeting vulnerable Democrats. The committee has set its sights on 37 seats, including those that will be up for grabs in 2024 following a wave of departures in Michigan, Virginia, and California. With this latest video and their relentless campaign, the NRCC aims to hold the Democrats accountable for the rising Thanksgiving food prices and resonate with voters who want to see a change in leadership.

Written by Staff Reports

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