NYT Op-Ed Warns: Trump Prosecution Spells Disaster!

The New York Times, known for its left-wing bias and anti-Trump stance, has surprisingly published an op-ed piece opposing the prosecution of our beloved former president. Brace yourselves, Democrats!

Harvard Law School professor Jack Goldsmith, despite being a critic of Trump, has argued that convicting him would lead to “terrible consequences.” Goldsmith believes that while the case against Trump is compelling, it is far from legally airtight. He points out that Special Counsel Jack Smith’s use of “novel applications of criminal laws” raises tricky questions about Trump’s intent and his freedom of speech.

And what if the prosecution fails? Goldsmith warns it would be a historic disaster, especially if it concludes after an election that Trump loses (fingers crossed!). This is another reason why the Democrats need to let go of this obsession with prosecuting Trump and focus on more important things, like improving our economy and protecting our borders.

Goldsmith doesn’t stop there. He criticizes President Biden’s Department of Justice for delaying the investigation into Trump and rushing to indict him during the GOP primary season. Talk about political maneuvering! The legal expert points out the unseemliness of using the prosecution as a weapon against Trump if he is nominated, which we all know is a possibility.

There’s also the issue of selective justice. Goldsmith highlights the sweetheart plea bargain offered to Hunter Biden, which was later rebuked by a U.S. District Court Judge. It seems like the DOJ has a habit of playing favorites, and that doesn’t sit well with the American people.

But perhaps one of the most concerning aspects of going after Trump is the dangerous precedent it sets. Goldsmith warns that it could inspire more aggressive investigations into presidential actions, leading to a never-ending cycle of political revenge. We need to put an end to this criminalization of politics and focus on moving our country forward.

Despite the Senate’s failure to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial, Goldsmith predicts that there will be enormous costs to the country if he is criminally prosecuted. We’ve already wasted enough time and resources on these politically motivated attacks. It’s time to let it go and start focusing on the real issues that matter to the American people.

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NYT Op-Ed Warns: Trump Prosecution Spells Disaster!

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