Ohio Abortion: GOP Gov Fights Back on Eroding Parental Rights

In a shocking turn of events, the state of Ohio has passed a radical amendment that is an absolute affront to conservative values. This amendment not only enshrines abortion access in the state’s constitution, but it also erodes parental rights. Can you believe it? Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, a fellow Republican, had the decency to speak out against this extreme measure. Finally, some common sense in the Republican party!

But sadly, the madness doesn’t stop there. News has now surfaced that pro-abortion activists in other states are working tirelessly to push for similar measures. It seems like these activists will stop at nothing to ensure that the lives of unborn children are disregarded and that women have unrestricted access to abort their babies.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, a new poll conducted by the University of North Florida reveals that the majority of Florida voters would support a proposed amendment that aims to protect abortion access within the state. This is absolutely horrifying! It’s as if the sanctity of life means nothing to these people.

The poll indicates that a staggering 62% of voters are in favor of the abortion rights ballot measure. What is even more concerning is that over half of Republican respondents, 53% to be exact, said they would vote affirmatively. It is truly disheartening to see fellow conservatives abandon their principles and align themselves with this pro-abortion agenda.

As if the statistics from Florida weren’t disheartening enough, a recent Wall Street Journal-NORC poll conducted by the University of Chicago revealed that 55% of Americans believe that a pregnant woman should be able to obtain a legal abortion for any reason. It’s disheartening to witness such a disregard for the innocent lives that are at stake.

The breakdown of these statistics by political party paints an even bleaker picture. A shocking 77% of Democrats support abortion access for any reason, a significant jump from 52% in 2016. This shows the alarming shift in values within the Democratic party. On the Republican side, while one-third express support for abortion access for any reason, it is still concerning to see any level of support for such a heinous act.

As Ohio paves the way for these radical pro-abortion amendments, it is no surprise that activists have already set their sights on Nebraska. The coalition called Protect Our Rights has submitted a proposed petition to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office, hoping to get it on the 2024 ballot. This coalition includes well-known pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska and the ACLU of Nebraska. With such powerful forces behind them, it won’t be easy for conservatives to stand up for the rights of the unborn.

It is essential for conservatives to continue fighting against these dangerous amendments. They not only erode parental rights but also devalue the sanctity of innocent lives. We must remember that every life, regardless of its stage of development, deserves protection. It is our duty as conservatives to speak out against these radical pro-abortion measures and fight for the rights of the unborn.

Written by Staff Reports

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