Ohio Next Victim of Radical Abortion Agenda? Learn from Michigan’s Mistake!

Oh boy, buckle up folks, because this news is a real doozy! It seems like those pro-abortion and anti-parent groups are at it again, trying to push their radical agenda under the guise of “women’s rights.” Townhall has been keeping a close eye on this sneaky maneuver, and let me tell you, it’s not looking good.

Ohio is under attack from these groups who want to pass a constitutional amendment that would strip away important protections for women and children. Can you believe it? They want to abolish parental rights entirely! Can you imagine a world where minors can have an abortion or undergo life-altering treatments without even letting their parents know? It’s like something out of a horror movie. But hey, according to these groups, it’s all in the name of “women’s rights.” What a load of baloney!

But here’s where it gets even crazier. Michigan, yes Michigan, already fell into this trap less than a year ago. They approved a deceptive amendment called “Reproductive Freedom for All,” which sounds all nice and dandy, right? Wrong! Now, their state legislature is pushing a bunch of radical pro-abortion bills that would basically throw any shred of protection for the unborn, women, and children out the window. It’s like the Wild West out there!

These bills in Michigan would allow abortions up to all nine months of pregnancy, including the gruesome partial-birth abortion. They would strip away safety standards meant to protect women and prevent coercion. And don’t even get me started on the taxpayer dollars being used to fund abortions. It’s an absolute nightmare. And guess what? This is all thanks to that deceiving amendment they passed. Michigan got fooled, and now they’re paying the price.

But don’t you worry, Ohio! There’s a group called Protect Women Ohio and they’re sounding the alarm. They’re calling out the “Michigan Lie” and warning us all about the disastrous consequences that await if we dare pass a similar amendment here. We need to take heed of their message and stand up against this radical agenda.

Just like in Michigan, the proponents of the Ohio amendment are trying to hide their true intentions. They claim it’s not about parental consent laws, but we know better. Governor Gretchen Whitmer herself said that because of their amendment, parental consent laws are now “unconstitutional.” Can you believe the audacity? They’re completely disregarding the will of the people. It’s like they don’t even care about democracy anymore.

Protect Women Ohio is fighting tooth and nail to prevent this nightmare from happening. They’re warning us that if the amendment passes, it would strip away parental involvement laws, leaving parents out of important decisions that could change their child’s life forever. And let’s not forget that it would also outlaw any protections for women and unborn children, all the way up to the ninth month of pregnancy. It’s absolutely outrageous!

Michigan serves as a cautionary tale, Ohio. We cannot let ourselves be swayed by the false promises and deceptive tactics of these pro-abortion groups. They’re trying to trick us into surrendering our rights and protections. We need to see through their smoke and mirrors and stand strong for the unborn, for women, for children, and for the principles that make our great nation what it is. Let’s not fall into the same trap as our neighbors.

Written by Staff Reports

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