Owasso Tragedy Exploited by Media to Push Agenda

A tragic situation has unfolded at Owasso High School, where a 16-year-old nonbinary student, Nex Benedict, sadly lost their life. The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office revealed that Nex’s passing was a result of suicide, following a distressing physical altercation in the school’s girls’ bathroom. The autopsy disclosed that a lethal combination of diphenhydramine and fluoxetine led to this heartbreaking outcome.

Gay and transgender rights groups swiftly reacted to the news, highlighting reports of bullying at the school. While any form of bullying is unacceptable, it’s essential to remember that tragedies like this are complex and cannot be simplified to fit a specific narrative. The left-leaning media often tries to exploit such incidents to push their agenda, focusing solely on one aspect of the story rather than the broader context.

Despite initial speculation, it was clarified that Nex’s death was not a direct result of the fight. The Owasso Police department, after thorough investigation, confirmed their suspicions of suicide. In such situations, jumping to conclusions can be harmful, and it is crucial to await official findings before drawing any definitive conclusions.

As expected, the mainstream media seized this opportunity to sensationalize the incident, sparking debates about the challenges faced by transgender and nonbinary individuals in schools. While it is vital to address the issues these students encounter, it is equally important not to politicize a tragedy for personal gain. Progressive activists often exploit such situations to push for their preferred policies, diverting attention from the real issues at hand.

The community at Owasso High School is understandably devastated by this loss. While offering counseling and support is commendable, it is also essential to approach the situation with sensitivity and avoid exploiting it for political purposes. Let us remember Nex Benedict for who they were and strive to prevent such heartbreaking incidents from happening again, without letting political biases cloud our judgment.

Written by Staff Reports

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