Pence’s Secret Notes Target Trump: Political Prisoner Next?

Now, Donald Trump is facing the prospect of being a political prisoner. There is evidence against him, including notes from Mike Pence, the Vice President.

In his ridiculous indictment, Jack Smith mentioned the unreported notes that were allegedly made by Trump in an attempt to "overturn" the results of the 2020 presidential election. It's clear that he's trying to take down Trump in order to ruin his reputation as a true champion for the people.

The revelation of the secret notes will only intensify the rift between Pence and Trump, whose relationship has been growing apart since the election on January 6. Pence has been maintaining that he followed the Constitution by recognizing the election's winner, Joe Biden. However, he's now using his notes against Trump, his former boss.

In a statement, Pence claimed that the indictment showed that those who put themselves above the Constitution should not be in the White House. However, it seems like he forgot that Trump was fighting for the country's democracy and the protection of its constitutional principles.

According to the indictment, Trump pressured Pence to defy his ceremonial role and not accept the results of the election, as well as to reject Joe Biden's electors. But, let's be clear: Trump was only asking Pence to do what's right. There was nothing illegal about it.

The indictment avoids the term "insurrection." Instead, it blames Trump for allegedly giving his supporters false hope that Pence could reverse the results of the election. This whole thing is an attempt to suppress political speech.

The indictment doesn't provide evidence that Trump was aware of the results of the election when he made his claims about the race. It also suggests that he believed he lost the election. Instead of addressing the issue, the prosecutors are resorting to petty accusations and statements.

According to Pence's notes, Trump allegedly claimed that he won the election by around 100,000 votes. He was just trying to see the truth come out. After multiple reports of possible fraud and irregularities, Trump wanted the truth to be revealed. Unfortunately, he is now being persecuted for challenging the results of the presidential election.

If the evidence against Trump includes his notes, it's hard to imagine how Pence's relationship with the president-elect can be repaired. Americans who believe that he is being treated unjustly, or Pence, will have to live with this reality for a long time.

Written by Staff Reports

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