Pesky Protesters Crash Biden’s $25M NYC Fundraiser: Can’t Catch a Break!

It looks like those pesky pro-Palestine protesters are at it again, causing a ruckus outside a fancy schmancy fundraiser in New York City jam-packed with big shot Democrats like President Biden, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. These progressives just can’t seem to give ol’ Joe a break, can they? With their “free Palestine” chants and signs calling Biden a “war criminal,” it’s like they’re just asking for attention.

Not even the bright lights of Radio City Music Hall could drown out the sounds of these protesters making a scene. And to top it all off, the NYPD had to come in full force with their riot gear to keep the peace. It’s a good thing they were on hand, otherwise who knows what kind of chaos those pro-Palestine folks would have caused!

But hey, at least President Biden is expected to rake in a cool $25 million for his re-election campaign, right? Money talks, after all. And it’s not like those protesters waving Palestinian flags and demanding an end to aid for Israel have anything important to say, right? They should just pipe down and let the elites do their thing.

These demonstrators have been like a bee in Biden’s bonnet, buzzing around him wherever he goes, whether it’s the Capitol building, the White House, or even his own home in Delaware. It’s enough to make a president’s head spin! But hey, maybe if those protesters spent less time causing a ruckus and more time, oh I don’t know, actually working towards peace in the Middle East, we might actually get somewhere.

Another day, another protest. But don’t worry, President Biden will just keep on truckin’, raising those big bucks and rubbing elbows with the elite. And as for those pro-Palestine protesters, well, they can shout all they want, but they’re no match for good ol’ Genocide Joe!

Written by Staff Reports

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