Trump’s $4B Win Outshines Soros: Media Merger Catapults Wealth in 2024!

Former President Donald Trump is on a roll, folks! His net worth is skyrocketing faster than a rocket ship in outer space. Thanks to the epic merger between Trump Media & Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition Corp., Trump’s piggy bank just got $4 billion heavier this year. Take that, George Soros! The liberal money man is no match for the financial powerhouse that is Donald J. Trump.

According to the latest scoop from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Trump’s bank balance has reached a whopping $7.2 billion in the year 2024. That’s a whole lot of cheese, folks! He’s climbing up the rich list faster than a squirrel up a tree, leaving behind billionaires like Bernie Marcus of Home Depot and Reed Hastings of Netflix in the dust.

The merger of Trump Media & Technology Group, famous for the exciting X alternative Truth Social platform, and Digital World Acquisition Corp. has been a game-changer. Trump now holds a staggering 78.75 million shares of the hot new DJT stock, which launched like a rocket on the NASDAQ, shooting up over 70% on day one. Talk about making it rain money!

Sure, the stock market is like a rollercoaster, with DJT taking a little dip of six percent on Thursday. But hey, it finished the week up almost 40 percent! Analysts are giving a thumbs up to the retail investors driving this success train. All aboard, folks! This gravy train might just steamroll over George Soros and Mark Cuban on the billionaire leaderboard soon.


Written by Staff Reports

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