PETA Prez Offers Her Flesh for BBQ: Extreme Activism or Pure Insanity?

Ingrid Newkirk, PETA president, has made a new addition to her will that has left many scratching their heads. She wants her “carved-up flesh” to be donated for a post-death BBQ. That’s right; she is offering people the opportunity to feast on her flesh! This latest stunt is not surprising from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), as they are notorious for taking things to the extreme.

While everyone is opposed to animal abuse, PETA seems to be taking their activism to clown-like proportions. Let’s not forget how they wanted baseball to replace “bullpen” with “arm barn.” Or how they have rewritten the Bible’s Book of Genesis to label animals as “beings” and claims that no one with any moral or fashion sense would wear animal skins.

It’s quite clear that these people are living in a fantasy land. PETA claims that their activism is helping animals, but they are doing the opposite by turning people off from their message. Instead of trying to educate people, they go for shock value. Newkirk’s offer to donate her flesh just reinforces the idea that PETA is not a group to be taken seriously.

These ridiculous stunts do not change the fact that ethical treatment of animals should not be confused with far-fetched attempts to jolt diners into being more “kind.” While PETA is looking to shake things up, they are only making themselves look foolish and out of touch with reality. We are not speciesist; we simply understand the natural order and hierarchy of things.

All in all, Newkirk’s offer to donate her flesh is ridiculous. Her claim that it will “continue to help animals” is nothing more than a way to keep herself in the news. While PETA might be getting some attention, it’s not the type of attention that will help their cause. Perhaps they should focus on something more constructive instead of trying to shock people into submission.

Written by Staff Reports

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