Manchin 2024: Savior or Threat? Dems Panic Over Senator’s Undecided Future

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has yet to declare his plans for the 2024 election, but many speculate that he may run for president or seek reelection to his Senate seat. Manchin’s Senate seat may be the best opportunity for Republicans to pick up a seat next year. During a recent appearance on Fox News Sunday, host Shannon Bream asked Manchin about the No Labels group listing him as a top third-party candidate. Liberals are alarmed by this possibility, but Manchin said that being in the middle is what is best for the country.

Manchin emphasized the importance of having a Plan B ready, especially if Plan A takes the country to the far reaches of both sides, in that people don’t want to be governed from the far left or right. He urged listeners to be governed from the middle, promoting a middle position. He did not offer a definitive answer about a third-party run, saying he’s “not ruling anything in, not ruling anything out.” But he did mention during his appearance that he believes that being in the middle is what is best for the country.

Manchin eased this statement on NBC News’ “Meet the Press ” this week as well, when asked about President Biden’s debt ceiling plan. Manchin praised Kevin McCarthy’s team as it got the bill out of the House and to the Senate. Though Manchin did mention Biden, he also noted that the far left and far right positions are not where the country should be.

While some speculate that Manchin may not run for reelection, he disagrees. Manchin said his purpose is to have progressive movements, push policies that help the economy, provide security, and help the people. He emphasized that he would not worry about polls, saying that he is only concerned with performing for his country and state.

As for those who speculate that Manchin is not electable, a Manchin spokesperson emphasized that the senator’s concerns are on West Virginia. The spokesperson noted that the only poll that matters is the one that occurs on Election Day, pointing out that smart pollsters have been wrong in the past.

Source: Townhall

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