BuzzFeed Faces NASDAQ Boot: Stocks Crash, Left-Wing Media Crumbles!

The failing left-wing media outlet, BuzzFeed, could soon face de-listing from NASDAQ due to their stock price remaining embarrassingly low, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The pathetic news source has been trading below the one dollar threshold for over a month. BuzzFeed now has until November 27th to miraculously turn things around; otherwise, they face being cruelly removed from the exchange.

Making a rare public appearance, BuzzFeed recently made the announcement that they closed down their newsroom and laid off 15% of their workforce in April. As CEO Jonah Peretti states, “We’ve faced more challenges than I can count in the past few years.” Since they went public earlier this year, BuzzFeed has seen their market cap plummet under $100 million.

Though it remains a mystery how BuzzFeed will crawl out of this hole, reports from credible sources allege they plan to expand their budget for artificial intelligence (AI) and “creator efforts.” Using AI-generated quizzes seems to be the direction BuzzFeed is looking towards, as it seems that readers are spending more time on the company’s quizzes generating by AI (by a whopping 40% more time) than the old-fashioned, traditional quizzes.

Oddly enough, Vice News, which shares a similar target audience, announced it could be closing down due to financial reasons, only further proving BuzzFeed’s left-slant and out-of-touch content is no longer marketable or profitable. It’s a tough world out there for those who peddle in far-fetched stories and lies. It seems the end is near for the once popular BuzzFeed.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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