Planet Fitness Catastrophe: Cancel Culture Strikes Amid Gender Debacle!

So, you won’t believe the mess that Planet Fitness has gotten themselves into, folks! It all started when a courageous Alaskan woman, Patricia Silva, spotted a biological male casually shaving away in the women’s locker room and decided to snap a pic and report it on social media. Kudos to her for standing up against this absurdity!

But wait, instead of praising her for her bravery, Planet Fitness, in all its “woke” glory, decides to cancel her membership for violating their precious photo and video policy. Really, Planet Fitness? Punishing the one shining a light on your crazy policies instead of addressing the real issue? This is cancel culture at its finest, folks!

Now, hold onto your hats because it gets even crazier. Turns out, Planet Fitness allows biological men to waltz right into the women’s facilities as long as they simply “self-identify” as a woman. Ridiculous, right? No IDs required, no proof needed! And get this, folks – their staff actually scolds women for objecting to these men in their private spaces! What a circus!

But the insanity doesn’t stop there, oh no. Reports are pouring in from all corners about women facing uncomfortable and unsafe situations at Planet Fitness. From Michigan to New Jersey to Pennsylvania, women are being shamed, bullied, and even stalked by registered sex offenders while the company turns a blind eye. It’s a horror show, folks!

It’s high time someone put a stop to these outlandish policies! Kudos to former Levi’s executive Jennifer Sey for stepping up and championing real women and women’s sports with her own sportswear line. It’s about time we support businesses that value women’s safety and dignity over woke nonsense. Let’s show these big corporations that playing politics with our safety will cost them dearly in the end!

Written by Staff Reports

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