Biden Battles Trump in Court, Ignoring Sinking Poll Numbers


President Joe Biden seems to be more focused on fighting Donald Trump in court than on winning back the voters he’s losing. With his support among key demographics like women, Black, and Latino voters dwindling, it’s puzzling that his team is spending time and resources preparing for legal battles instead of addressing the concerns of these groups. The recent New York Times/Siena poll showing troubling numbers for Biden should be a wake-up call to him and his campaign.

The idea that Biden is laying the legal groundwork for a potential election dispute in 2024 speaks volumes about his priorities. Instead of working to strengthen his voter base and regain support, his team is apparently more concerned about potential challenges from Trump and the GOP. It seems like a case of misplaced focus and a lack of understanding of what truly matters in winning elections.

The Rolling Stone article detailing Biden’s preparations for post-election legal battles paints a picture of a president more worried about litigation than about connecting with voters. The strategy of gearing up for court fights may backfire, as it could further embolden Trump’s supporters and perpetuate a narrative of victimhood that plays to his advantage. By engaging in legal battles, Biden may inadvertently give Trump more influence and power in the political arena.

The Democrats’ reliance on lawfare as a solution to electoral challenges is short-sighted and fails to address the root issues affecting Biden’s support among various demographic groups. If Biden and his team continue down this path, they risk alienating even more voters and playing into Trump’s narrative of being unfairly targeted by the establishment.

In the lead-up to the 2024 election, Biden should focus on appealing to voters, addressing their concerns, and building a strong campaign based on policies and leadership, rather than resorting to legal maneuvers. Winning back the trust and support of key demographics should be his top priority, rather than preparing for hypothetical legal battles that may only serve to further polarize the electorate.

Written by Staff Reports

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