Poll Panic: CNN’s King Whispering of Presidential Shakedown!

CNN's John King pointed out that President Joe Biden is having trouble in Michigan and with college-age voters because of how he has handled the war between Israel and Hamas. Younger people, especially college students, think Biden should be harder on Israel and push for an end to the fighting.

Poppy Harlow of CNN talked to King about this problem and brought up the criticism from people like Rashida Tlaib, who says voters will remember if Biden doesn't call for a ceasefire. Arab-Americans, who mostly voted for Biden, are complaining, according to King's interviews with young voters, including those in Tlaib's Michigan district. There were signs in The Arab-American News that said "Abandon Biden," which shows that this group is unhappy. When added to the unhappiness on college campuses, it looks like Biden will have trouble in Michigan.

Adding to these problems, a Quinnipiac poll shows that younger Democrats are less positive about both Israel and Biden's handling of the conflict than older Democrats. More than half of people under 35 think it's not in the U.S.'s best interest to support Israel. Only 21% of people in the same age group support giving money to Israel.

Biden could also lose the support of the National Muslim Democratic Council. Leaders from swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio have said they will not back Biden unless he calls for an end to the fighting.

These problems make it clear that Biden could face political effects as he tries to solve the complicated problem of the war between Israel and Hamas. If something isn't done right away, his support among young people and Arab-Americans in key states could be in danger.


Written by Staff Reports

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