Poll: Trump Indictment Seen as Political Ploy by Majority of Americans!

According to a survey conducted by CAPS Harris and Harvard, a majority of Americans think that the federal indictment of Donald Trump was politically motivated. The survey, which was conducted from June 14 to 15, had 2,090 voters. It revealed that 55 percent of participants regarded the charge as politically motivated.

Over 80 percent of Republicans, as well as 55 percent of independents and 28 percent of Democrats, believe that the charge against Trump is politically motivated.

The results of the survey revealed that 56 percent believe that the charge was politically motivated. It is alarming that the Department Of Justice would allow such a charge to be made against a former president.

Although a majority of the respondents agreed that the indictment was strong, 26 percent called it "somewhat strong." A little over 40 percent, however, categorized it as weak or "weak."

The survey also revealed that a majority of the participants think that former Secretary of State Clinton and President Biden were both guilty of mishandling classified information.

Over 60 percent of the voters said that Biden had violated the security of classified information when he stored the documents in various locations, such as his garage.

Most Americans think that Trump should be prosecuted for mishandling classified data, just like Clinton and Biden did. A large majority of respondents believe that indicting him is selective, with around 47% stating that it is fair.

The results of the survey revealed a division among the respondents when it came to the question of whether or not the indictment would affect the former presidents. Some said it would help Trump, while others said it would hurt them.

The results of the survey indicate that a significant portion of the country believes that the charge against Trump was politically motivated. It also shows that Clinton and Biden are similar to Trump when it comes to mishandling classified information.

Source: Trending Politics

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