First Step Act Frees Convicted Terrorist: America’s Safety at Risk?

The First Step Act has gotten worse. In the latest instance, it has allowed the early release of a terrorist, who was identified as Mohamad Youssef Hammoud. He was convicted of treason after he used fake marriages to get residency status in the US.

A radicalized jihadist was arrested in the US after authorities learned that he was providing support to Hezbollah. The individual, identified as Hammoud, was part of a terrorist cell that operated in North Carolina. He was sentenced to spend 15 years in prison due to his role in raising funds for the group.

Hammoud then filed an appeal, and while it was upheld, his original sentence was suddenly vacated. Even though this meant that he would be re-sentenced, he was still able to ask for his freedom through the First Step Act's compassionate release provision.

The court that handled his case ruled that he should be released early due to the disparity in his sentence and the other factors that affected his case. In addition, the implementation of the terrorism enhancement had also caused his sentence to be disproportionate.

Hammoud is not repentant. In Beirut, he told the media that he has no regrets and would happily send money to Hezbollah. We must continue to be vigilant about the threats that terrorists pose to the US. Terrorists who support groups such as Hezbollah should spend every day in prison, but due to the First Step Act, their crimes have been forgotten and America's enemies have been freed.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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