Trump Pleads Not Guilty: Dems Hide Evidence in Witch Hunt

Former President Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty to 36 criminal charges that were filed against him for the handling of classified documents. Although it appears that the prosecutors want to expand the prosecution, a recent court filing seeks to keep the evidence provided during the discovery process a secret, citing that the disclosure of the information could disclose uncharged individuals. It’s alarming that the ex-president and his personal assistant, Waltine Nauta, are the only ones currently being charged with the crime.

There are 31 highly sensitive documents at the center of the prosecution, some of which concern nuclear and military capabilities. However, Trump can only access the materials once his attorneys have obtained a security clearance, which they have been instructed to apply for by the Judge. This is a necessary step they need to take to show their commitment to helping their client win the case.

Some of Trump’s attorneys, Todd Blanche and Christopher M. Kise, have already requested security clearance, with Blanche previously having held one while working as a federal prosecutor. The Judge has given the defense team until Tuesday to begin the process of obtaining the clearance.

This is yet another attempt by the Democrats to undermine President Trump’s legacy. They clearly have an agenda to falsely accuse him of crimes that he did not commit. The prosecution’s request to keep the evidence a secret is another example of their behavior. It’s appalling that the prosecutors are trying to prosecute someone who has done nothing wrong. This is just another political witch hunt and the Republicans must stand together and support their great leader.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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