Muslim-Led City Bans Pride Flags: Press Fearful of “Islamophobia” Label

The press finds itself in yet another predicament as they try to defend the LGBT𝜋 community against a supposed ban on Pride Flags in the deeply diverse community of Hamtramck, Michigan. This year’s Pride Month has been met with increasing opposition as public sentiment towards the LGBT𝜋 agenda appears to be turning sour. Despite this, press coverage of LGBT𝜋 issues remains largely supportive, except when the story involves a predominantly Muslim community. In Hamtramck, the city council recently voted unanimously on a resolution prohibiting the display of non-national socio-political banners on public property, including Pride Flags, sparking fury from the LGBT𝜋 community and reporters alike.

However, as one reads through the CNN report on the issue, one can’t help but notice the absence of any reference to political affiliation. One could assume that if Republicans were involved, they would be immediately branded as hateful and bigoted. The reason for the hesitation is that Hamtramck is a Muslim-led city, which the press previously celebrated as a victory for diversity. As the press tries to balance their support for the LGBT𝜋 community with their support for Muslims, they run the risk of becoming “Islamophobic.”

The press found themselves in a difficult position of having to condemn the resolution by proxy, as over-the-top quotes from locals provided the needed condemnation with little to no effort from the press. The melodramatic nature of these quotes led to a comedic moment, with one resident comparing the resolution to an “erasure of the queer community.” Another was shown hanging up a flag on their private property, in defiance of the ban. In reality, the ban only applies to public property, and no one is under threat or is being erased.

The press has been known to use certain labels to silence dissenting opinions and views that do not align with their own. In this case, the fear of becoming “Islamophobic” causes the press to be cautious. And yet, they have no issue with using hyperbolic language to describe an action they find disagreeable. It’s a classic example of the double standard we see all too often from the press.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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