Biden’s Baffling Blunders: Is He Even Fit to Lead?

President Biden continues to prove his incompetence and lack of cognitive ability in his public remarks. On Monday, during his trip to California, Biden made a comment that had many scratching their heads. He boldly stated that he had committed “by 2020, we will have conserved 30 percent of all the lands and waters the United States has jurisdiction over.” The only issue with this statement is that he was not even the president in 2020. He was running a presidential campaign from his basement. Yet another example of Biden’s repeated blunders that make Americans wonder if he is even fit to lead the country.

But of course, mainstream media outlets such as Axios are quick to downplay Biden’s frequent failures, dismissing them as Republican attempts to exploit his missteps. However, his constant gaffes cannot be ignored, especially when they are becoming more frequent and concerning for the American people. Last week alone, Biden closed his speech on gun control with “alright, God save the queen, man.” The statement left everyone confused, including the White House pool reporter covering the event. Biden’s aides tried to explain it away as him commenting to someone in the crowd, but it still begs the question of his mental faculties.

It seems that the White House is doing everything in its power to limit the number and frequency of Biden’s public appearances to prevent him from making these kinds of embarrassing mistakes. But even with their efforts, he continues to let loose a slew of confounding comments that concern the American public and the world leaders watching. Biden’s performance as president has been lackluster at best, and his lack of cognitive ability only adds fuel to the fire. It’s time for Democrats to start asking themselves if he is truly fit to lead this country and make necessary changes if he is not.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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