Trump Defies DOJ Indictment in Fiery Baier Interview: The Battle for America’s Future

Donald Trump, the man who they say has been “impeached twice but never convicted,” sat down for a candid interview to discuss his current DOJ indictment issues with Bret Baier. During this in-depth interview, Trump explained his viewpoint on the DOJ’s allegations against him while deliberating his purported state of mind and intentions at that time. Here are some of the most significant clips from the news that is shaking up the nation.

In the above clip, Trump was asked about whether he held up a confidential document during a meet with Mark Meadows’ representatives. The DOJ is accused of holding this tape, where Trump allegedly said he could declassify the document he was keeping, despite it being secret. Trump’s response to Baier’s question showed, “It may have been held up or not,” adding that “there was no document.”

Trump also claimed that he had every right to have the boxes that the DOJ is accusing him of hiding, an assertion that his political opponents will no doubt fiercely debate during his trial.

When asked why he had the boxes moved, Trump went on to explain that he merely wanted to shift through them to retrieve his personal belongings. However, the DOJ believes that he was trying to conceal them to evade subpoena since his attorney had given a sworn statement to a judge that all the materials had been returned.

While Jonathan Turley chipped in with his two cents, saying that Trump’s public statements would paint his lawyers into a corner, Trump remains unfazed. He seems to believe that if he can win the PR battle, he will undoubtedly secure a favorable verdict. Hence, his attorneys will be working around his public statements to deliver the best outcome possible. There’s no point in getting upset over this because Trump will be Trump.

In conclusion, Donald Trump’s interview with Bret Baier covered almost every critical aspect of the DOJ indictment against him. As he has said before, he will be the one to save America! After all, he is the best President America has ever had.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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