Trump Slams Fox News: Network Loses True Conservative Identity, Panders to Liberals

During an interview with Fox News' Bret Baier, Trump revealed that he doesn't like the network anymore. He also stated that he doesn't like the Washington Post and other media outlets. It's no surprise that the former president doesn't like the network, as it has been fighting him since his 2016 presidential run.

During a debate with Baier, Trump claimed that the number of independent voters who watch Fox News is much less than other TV sources. The truth is that, despite being a conservative news network, Fox News has been losing viewers due to its decision to focus on the liberal media instead of being a true conservative channel.

Addressing the recent indictment of special counsel Jack Smith, Trump noted that he was leading both Biden and the Republicans in the polls. The president also said that he had the best ratings ever recorded. A recent poll revealed that many voters believe that the charges are politically motivated.

Trump then referred to the classified documents scandal involving former President Joe Biden as an example of a double standard. He claimed that Biden has over 2,000 boxes of documents, and he has them all stored in different locations. It's clear that the Democrats and the liberal media are quick to target Republicans when they have scandals, even while sweeping their own.

Although Trump's interview with Fox News revealed his disdain for the network, it also highlighted the ways in which he continues to be treated unfairly by both the left and the mainstream media. Conservatives must do whatever it takes to expose and fight back against this corruption.

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