Poll: Trump Tops Biden by 5, “Bidenomics” Fails to Impress

President Joe Biden stood before his supporters in Pennsylvania, boasting about the supposed advantages of “Bidenomics.” But it seems that the American people aren’t buying it, as a recent poll reveals their lack of enthusiasm for Biden’s policies.

This devastating new poll, commissioned by NBC News and conducted among 1,000 registered voters, shows that former President Donald Trump is leading Biden by five points. Yes, you heard that right – five points!

Not only that, but the poll also highlights the fact that Trump is trusted more than Biden on various issues. When it comes to the economy, a whopping 55% of participants believe that Trump is better suited to handle it, compared to a measly 33% who prefer Biden. It’s clear that the American people appreciate Trump’s business acumen and economic policies.

And that’s not all – Trump also holds a significant 35-point lead when it comes to addressing the crisis at the southern border. It’s no secret that the Biden administration has fumbled this issue, and the American people are taking notice.

When it comes to tackling crime and violence, Biden lags behind Trump by a whopping 21 points. Americans want a president who prioritizes law and order, not someone who turns a blind eye to the rising crime rates in our cities.

Even on the international stage, Trump outshines Biden. He leads by 11 points when it comes to improving America’s standing in the world. It’s clear that Biden’s weak foreign policy agenda is not resonating with the American people who want a strong, respected leader.

To make matters worse for Biden, his overall approval rating has plummeted to a historic low of 37%. A majority of 60% of voters disapprove of his performance on the job. It’s clear that the American people have lost confidence in Biden’s ability to lead our nation.

Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt, who conducted the survey alongside Republican pollster Bill McInturff, expressed concern over Biden’s declining standing compared to Trump. Horwitt admitted that the belief in Biden’s capability to handle the job has “evaporated.” This is a clear sign that Biden’s promises and rhetoric are falling flat.

It’s evident from this poll that the American people are not buying into “Bidenomics” and are longing for the leadership and policies of Donald Trump. They miss his strong stance on the economy, his commitment to secure borders, his tough approach to crime, and his ability to represent America powerfully on the world stage. The American people deserve a president who will put their needs and interests first, not someone who is more focused on pushing a partisan agenda. Let’s hope that Biden and his administration take notice of this poll and start listening to the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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