Dems Block Move to Defend US Border, Choose Illegals Over Americans

In a shocking display of partisanship, Senate Democrats have once again blocked a resolution aimed at addressing the crisis at our southern border. Republican Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas introduced a resolution that would declare the influx of illegal entries an “invasion,” but Democratic Senator Alex Padilla of California shot it down. It’s clear that the Democrats are more interested in protecting their own agenda than in protecting the American people.

Since taking office, the Biden administration has turned a blind eye to the millions of foreign nationals who have illegally entered our country. This resolution would have sent a strong message that we will not stand for this invasion of our borders. But the Democrats, who seem to have a soft spot for illegal immigrants, refused to even consider it.

Senator Marshall made a compelling argument on the Senate floor, pointing out that the Constitution grants states the power to repel invasions. He cited Article IV, § 4, which states that the United States shall protect each state from invasion. It’s clear that the mass illegal entry of foreign nationals constitutes an invasion, and states like Texas have the right to take action to protect their citizens.

But the Democrats dismissed these constitutional arguments as mere partisanship. Senator Padilla accused the Republicans of fearmongering and claimed that they were playing politics with the issue. It’s ironic that he would accuse others of partisanship when his own party consistently puts politics above the safety and security of the American people.

What the Democrats fail to understand is that the consequences of this invasion are dire. Not only are cartels and terrorists taking advantage of the crisis, but there are also serious implications for national security and public safety. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has rightly invoked his power and authority to protect the people of his state, but it’s clear that more needs to be done on a national level.

It’s disappointing that the Democrats continue to ignore the concerns of the American people and prioritize their own political agenda. This resolution would have been a step in the right direction towards addressing the crisis at our border, but once again, the Democrats have shown that they are more interested in playing politics than in solving problems. It’s time for them to put aside their partisan games and start prioritizing the safety and security of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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