Polls Show Biden Struggling in Key Battleground States

The poll has some bad news for Joe Biden in battleground states. The Sun Belt states show big leads for him, but CNN says the electoral numbers point to an advantage for Donald Trump. It looks like Biden is in a tough spot with limited options. He might be fooling himself into thinking he’s ahead, but the polls say otherwise.

Even traditionally Democratic states like Minnesota are not a sure thing for Biden. The latest poll shows him only two points ahead, essentially tied with Trump. Biden’s attempts to please the left with moves like waffling on Israel policy seem to be backfiring. It’s hard to say what his next move should be, as his team must be feeling the pressure.

Critics like Douglas Murray suggest Biden’s strategy is off the mark, trying to please too many people and ending up pleasing no one. If Biden is struggling to defend a state like Minnesota, it doesn’t bode well for his overall prospects. The polls are not looking good for him, and he may need to rethink his approach to win over voters.

Written by Staff Reports

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