Prince Philip’s Sizzling 3-Letter Nickname for Markle Revealed!

One member of the British royal family harbored early skepticism regarding Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, as revealed in the new book "My Mother and I" by Ingrid Seward. An excerpt from the book that was featured in the Daily Mail discloses that while the advent of Meghan was initially met with enthusiasm, Prince Philip was among the select few who maintained a cautious stance. Reportedly, he cautioned his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, by drawing parallels between Meghan and the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson.

Indeed, Prince Philip's opinion of Meghan appeared to remain unchanged. He purportedly designated her as DoW, an abbreviation for Duchess of Windsor, on account of her striking resemblance to Wallis. Seward further elucidates on the relationship between the two American ladies through his book "Prince Philip Revealed." As per Marie Claire, Philip held the opinion that his grandson, Prince Harry, had neglected his responsibilities in order to enter into matrimony with an American divorcee, analogous to how Edward VIII relinquished the throne in 1936 to wed Wallis Simpson.

Notably, Wallis Simpson, an additional American divorcee, had won the affection of King Edward VIII. Nevertheless, he was compelled to make a decision: either wed her or retain his throne. His ultimate decision to abdicate in order to be with Simpson resulted in their excommunication from the royal family and a momentary allegiance to Nazism prior to the outbreak of World War II. The historical backdrop illuminates the apprehensions expressed by Prince Philip concerning the resemblances between Meghan and Wallis.

Additionally, the excerpt from "My Mother and I" describes how Meghan's matrimonial union with Prince Harry resulted in an enduring schism within the royal family. Queen Elizabeth II was denied the title of Her Royal Highness and declined to be received by her father, the newly crowned King George VI. The American Duchess disparaged the Queen Mother openly, calling her "the fat Scotch cook." Meghan was held accountable by the Queen Mother for the untimely demise of her husband, attributing it to the strain associated with undertaking the monarchical duties, for which he was both unprepared and temperamentally unfit. The strained relationship between Meghan and the royal family potentially accounted for the critical perception that both Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II held of her.

The book "My Mother and I" posits that Queen Elizabeth II might have been influenced by Prince Philip's concerns regarding Meghan's resemblance to Wallis. The passage indicates that the Queen comprehended Philip's reasoning behind drawing parallels between Meghan and Wallis. She may have considered Meghan to be a contemporary-day Wallis, and she may have even remarked to the Queen's cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson, that Meghan's wedding gown was too pale for a divorcee remarrying in a church ceremony.

In its entirety, this book provides significant perspectives on the uncertainties and apprehensions that certain individuals of the royal family harbored regarding Meghan Markle, thereby illuminating the difficulties she encountered during her tenure as a novice to the monarchy.

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