Public Policy Expert Claims David Muir of ABC News Exaggerated Role of Supreme Court in Same-Sex Marriage Case

David Muir, an anchor for ABC News, mischaracterized the case that involved a Christian web designer and a same-sex couple, according to a statement released by a lawyer.

During the ABC World News Tonight program, Muir stated that the case centered on the question of whether businesses can turn away customers based on their sexual orientation. However, John Banzhaf, a public interest law professor at George Washington University, noted that Muir mischaracterized the case.

According to Banzhaf, Muir was not the only journalist struggling with the distinction between what is considered a discrimination case and what is a religious liberty issue. He also denied the notion that the case would lead to racial discrimination.

I am very concerned about the kind of misrepresentation that you have made about the case. According to some, if Miss Smith were to win, everyone would be free to discriminate against one another just by claiming religious groups. But, a ruling in her favor would not allow people to start discriminating against one another.

If a business has a practice that is consistent with its religious beliefs, then it does not violate the law if it discriminates against one of its customers based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Banzhaf noted that the media's portrayal of the case as a religious liberty issue could generate more support for Colorado.

He also cited CNN for providing the correct analysis of the case. The main issue is whether a website designer can refuse to create a website that promotes the gay marriage.

According to Banzhaf, the Supreme Court's ruling made clear the legal issues involved in the case. In his testimony, Justice Gorsuch stated that the case was not about who, but what. Smith, who is a web designer, has stated that she is willing to work with gay couples, but she filed a lawsuit to prevent Colorado from requiring her to create a website for a wedding.

During a question-and-answer session with Smith's lawyer, Justice Amy Coney Barrett made the distinction between what is considered a discrimination case and what is a religious liberty issue.

According to Justice Barrett, the case was not about the couple's sexual orientation. It was about the message that Smith wanted to convey.

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