WATCH: CNN Plays Defense For Biden Crime Family In Absurd Segment on Laptop Coverup

CNN was talking about Twitter's suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story this morning, in the context of Trump's Truth tweet. Their coverage of it was just an absolute joke.

They claimed that employees were struggling with the story, and that both the Biden and Trump campaigns asked Twitter to remove it. When asked if there was evidence of this, the spokesperson said that both parties had asked the platform to take down the stories.

They also claimed that Musk gave Matt Taibbi the information, and that he then asked him to distill it for everyone.

They claimed that employees were not struggling with the story, and they were trying to justify their actions in order to prevent it from hurting Joe Biden. They also blocked the New York Post, who had posted the story in the first place. It was election interference.

Despite the changes that have occurred at CNN, they still refuse to treat election interference as a serious issue. One of the most notable examples of this is Christine Romans repeatedly referring to Trump as the president. She was not corrected by any of the reporters.

Update: The Poyner Institute, which claims that this is nothing but a "meh" story, is a front for Intel.

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