Trump Clarifies His Recent Comments On The Constitution

Even though Donald Trump is often regarded as his own worst enemy, he is also often misrepresented in the media. For instance, he was accused of calling for the end of the US Constitution in an incredibly poorly-worded post on TruthSocial. However, Trump later clarified that he was not advocating for an end to the document.

The post seemed to be an awkward attempt at an argument about how a stolen election would render the Constitution invalid. It also implied that the laws created for a republican government would not be able to address the issues of the country.

Here’s the original post:

Following the allegations of massive and widespread fraud and corruption in the presidential election, which were revealed by the Democrats and Big Tech companies, Trump asked if the results of the 2020 election should be thrown out and declared the winner or if there should be a new election. He claimed that the founders of the country would not allow such an election to be carried out. A massive fraud of this nature could allow for the termination of various regulations and articles found in the Constitution.

In response to the media's false claims, Trump issued a clarification on his earlier post on the TruthSocial platform.

He claims that the media is trying to convince the American people that he wants to "terminate" the Constitution. This is just another example of how the media is full of lies and misleading information.

In response to the allegations, Trump stated that the steps needed to be taken to correct the irregularities and fraud in the presidential election, which has been proven by the evidence. Only the FOOLS would accept the results of a stolen election.

If the election was stolen from Trump, then the current administration and the country would be illegitimate. This would result in the United States becoming a republic. In addition, the laws passed by the Republicans would not be able to help the country's citizens. Because of this, the Constitution only serves as a protection for the interests of the country's citizens.

The media should stop making false and misleading claims about Trump's desire to end the Constitution. Instead, they should take his argument and talk about the issues that he outlined.

In his speech, Trump claimed that the country is no longer a republic. He said that the media and the American people should be debating his proposal to end the country's existence as a republic.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on PJ Media.

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