Radical Left Targets Kids: Shocking Drag Event at Elementary School!

The radical left is at it again, trying to force their dangerous ideology on innocent children. A school district in Minnesota held a “Gender Resource Fair” for elementary-school-aged children knowing that it would face intense backlash, but that didn’t stop them from pushing this twisted agenda on young, impressionable minds.

Parents Defending Education obtained documents that revealed the vile agenda of Minneapolis Public Schools, announcing that it would host a fair at Loring Elementary School, which included a Drag Story Hour for kids. This was done under the pretext of providing information to families who are navigating our schools with information about what that school will look like for their child, but the truth is that this was an attempt to indoctrinate children into this woke ideology.

The event was for “elementary kids/families,” and speakers such as Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, a medical director of the Children’s Minnesota Gender Health Program, spoke about transgenderism, despite being seen as a leader in the LGBT community. This is just another example of the radical left trying to push their agenda on our children.

The email records obtained by Parents Defending Education showed that the school district actively sought out a guest speaker with a specialty in the medicalization of children and deliberately downplayed the drag readings to avoid public backlash. This is just another example of how the radical left tries to silence those who don’t agree with them.

It is unbelievable that school officials in Minneapolis expressed worry about children being traumatized by potential protestors while ignoring the trauma that comes when children are led down a gender path of drugs and surgery. This event should have never taken place, and it is deeply disturbing that our children are being targeted and pushed into this leftist agenda.

As conservative republicans, we must stand up against this dangerous ideology and protect our children from being exposed to it. We must fight against those who are trying to brainwash our children into becoming a part of this twisted ideology. Our children deserve better than this, and we must fight to protect them from the radical left’s agenda.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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