Lake Bell Joins Crazy Anti-Gun Group: Wants Unconstitutional Nationwide Ban!

Recently, actress Lake Bell joined the radical anti-gun rights group "Here 4 the Kids," whose cause is ludicrous. They advocate for a nationwide prohibition on all firearms, which is unconstitutional and absurd. The test balloon will be released in Colorado, despite the fact that this group has always avoided a complete moratorium. Fortunately, Democratic Governor Jared Polis is intelligent enough to avoid these publicity stunts, and he has stated that he will not issue an executive order or advocate for legislation that will have a shelf life of 30 seconds with the courts in order to appease America's rabid anti-gunners.

During an appearance on CNN This Morning, Bell and left-leaning journalist Samantha Schacher attempted to garner support for their goal of prohibiting all firearms in the United States. They claimed that the Constitution is a living document, and they are attempting to establish a new social norm in which it is acceptable for people to be more openly anti-gun rights. Schacher rambled on about how their movement was allegedly going to persuade people that more firearms equal more deaths and that gun culture is so ingrained in American society that it is difficult to acknowledge it out loud. On a national news broadcast, she cited a USA Today poll claiming that 64 percent of Americans desire gun reform, which she interpreted to imply a ban on all firearms. However, The Reload's Stephen Gutowski noted out on Twitter that according to Gallup, only about 18% of Americans want to ban handguns.

Schacher's argument became genuinely absurd when she compared the prohibition of all firearms to the abolition of slavery. "The possession of firearms is constitutional, but so was slavery. We abolished slavery; therefore, there are numerous aspects of the Constitution that can be amended. It is intended to change, she declared. This comparison is both absurd and insulting to the millions of Americans who fought and perished to abolish slavery.

Bell responded that the Constitution is a living document and subject to change. "It is our privilege as humans to evolve," she declared inexplicably. While Bell is entitled to her opinion, it is unconstitutional to prohibit all firearms. Even if Congress consented to a gun ban amendment, three-quarters of state legislatures would never approve this progressive pipe dream.

It is time to oppose these insanity-inducing ideas on all fronts. While Ms. Schacher can say and do all of these things, Congress will never consent to a gun ban, and the anti-gunners' fantasy land will never become a reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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