Radical Leftist ASSAULTS Congressman Matt Gaetz

Congressman Matt Gaetz was assaulted by an unhinged and violent member of the left-wing “Resistance” during a private event with his wife in Sandestin, Florida. The assailant was identified as Selena J. Chambers, a registered Democrat from Tallahassee, Florida. As expected, this incident was immediately downplayed and ignored by the mainstream media, who continue to show their bias against conservative politicians.

Chambers, who openly identified as a member of the “Resistance,” showed her true character when she attacked Congressman Gaetz. Her extreme leftist beliefs have clearly driven her to a level of violence and aggression that is completely unacceptable in a civilized society.

Thankfully, the Walton County Sheriff’s office wasted no time in apprehending Chambers and charging her with one count of battery on an elected official and one count of battery for touching or striking. Chambers’ actions are a direct assault on democracy, and it’s a relief to know that the justice system will be taking swift action to ensure that she is held accountable for her actions.

Congressman Gaetz responded to the incident by stressing the importance of upholding civility and ensuring the safety of Northwest Floridians. Given the increasing incidents of left-wing violence against conservative politicians, it’s vital that our elected officials are protected from these dangerous radicals. We must send a strong message that violence and intimidation will not be tolerated in any form, especially against those who have dedicated their lives to serving the people of this great country.

It’s time for the mainstream media to recognize the true danger posed by the “Resistance” movement and the left-wing radicals who support it. We must continue to stand up to their increasingly violent tactics and ensure that our democracy remains safe from their attacks.

Written by Staff Reports

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