How Red Stats Are CRUSHING Blue States

The Democrat-led states of California and New York continue to bleed residents and hemorrhage tax dollars to red states like Florida and Texas, according to a recent analysis of IRS migration data by conservative think tank, Wirepoints. The report found that in 2020, California alone lost a whopping 332,000 residents and $29.1 billion in revenue due to outmigration, with New York not far behind, losing 262,000 individuals and $24.5 billion in the process.

It wasn’t just the Golden State and Empire State that felt the sting of outmigration, Illinois lost 105,000 residents and $10.9 billion, while Massachusetts and New Jersey were out $4.3 and $3.8 billion in tax revenue due to migration loss, respectively. These losses have a ripple effect that continues year after year as the tax base of the state shrinks, adding up to massive losses over time.

However, the red states like Florida and Texas were the big winners, gaining 699,000 and 175,000 new residents, respectively, in 2020. Florida alone netted a massive $39.2 billion in tax revenue, while Texas gained an impressive $10.9 billion. Meanwhile, states like Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina also saw gains in tax revenue due to an influx of new residents.

This report serves as a stark reminder of the policy failures of Democratic leaders in blue states who continue to drive away taxpayers and businesses with their high taxes and anti-business regulations. While red states, like Florida and Texas, prioritize pro-business policies that attract entrepreneurs and create jobs, blue states continue to lose residents and tax revenue, leading to a higher tax burden on those who remain. It’s simple, if blue states want to stop the bleeding, they need to start embracing pro-growth policies that welcome businesses and entrepreneurs, not push them away.

Written by Staff Reports

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