Leftists Spend MILLIONS On ‘Social Justice’ Center

Adriano Espaillat, a left-leaning Congressman from New York, is seeking a $1.4 million earmark to establish a center that promotes “social justice” in New York City. The proposed St. Luke AME Center for Peace and Social Justice would serve as a co-working space for community organizations and innovation labs for art and activism.

However, this earmark lacks clarity on how the $1.4 million cost was determined and how it aligns with federal policy. Instead of engaging in meaningful policy discussions, taxpayers are being asked to fund a liberal haven for left-wing activists, which is concerning. It is disconcerting that taxpayers’ money would be allocated towards a project based on such unclear and indefinite foundations.

Adriano Espaillat, a congressman with left-leaning political views, is an advocate for racial justice and reparations for slavery. He supports WE ACT for Environmental Justice and is frequently photographed with left-wing figures like Reverend Al Sharpton. Furthermore, he regularly criticizes the conservative majority of the Supreme Court. Espaillat is also noteworthy for being the first illegal immigrant to serve in Congress, having initially entered the U.S. on a tourist visa in 1964, and later becoming a permanent resident and U.S. citizen.

Earmarks have sparked controversy, with conservatives contending that they encourage wasteful “pork-barrel spending” and promote client-patron relationships between representatives and their districts. Rather than advancing policies that would serve the interests of the American people, earmarks result in the squandering of taxpayers’ money on liberal initiatives that would be better funded by private donations, charitable foundations, or voluntary contributions.

There has been no response from Adriano Espaillat, the St. Luke AME Center for Peace and Social Justice, or WE Act regarding requests for comment. Earmarks have a reputation for promoting corruption and misusing taxpayers’ money, and these earmarks are unlikely to be any different. Conservatives and advocates of the Constitution should be cautious of such “progressive” initiatives that undermine the fundamental principles of American democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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