WATCH: Leftists Panic at THIS Viral Video Of Patriotic Americans

Leftists were left in shock and awe after a video of Americans standing for the national anthem at a Southern California restaurant went viral. The Rainbow Oaks Restaurant in Fallbrook, California has been playing the Star Spangled Banner on its television every day for six years, and its patrons have become well accustomed to the tradition. But when a TikTok video posted from an account titled “Paulina” showed patrons standing for the anthem, leftists on social media were quick to express their outrage.

The video, which was accompanied by the hashtags “godblessamerica,” “illegal,” “whitepeoplethings,” and “get out,” sparked a flurry of comments from leftists who were appalled by the patriotic display. One person even asked if the video was real, while another said they wanted to visit America to experience the “insanity.” Others said they felt “scared for their life” or that it felt “like a horror movie.”

But not all of the comments were negative. Some praised the restaurant for its patriotism, with one person saying they would soon visit the restaurant to show support. Another said they loved the display of patriotism and that it was a beautiful thing to see.

In an age where patriotism is often seen as a negative thing by leftists, it is refreshing to see that there are still some people who are proud to stand for the national anthem. It is also encouraging to see that there are still some people who are willing to stand up for their beliefs and show their respect for their country. It is a reminder that despite what some on the left may think, patriotism is still alive and well in America.

Written by Staff Reports

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