Rand Paul Demolishes Media’s Ignorance and COVID Conspiracy

Senator Rand Paul has released a new book called Deception, and boy does he not hold back! In this 524-page book, Paul takes aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci and his cronies for feeding America a whole lot of COVID-19 nonsense. According to Paul, Fauci and the National Institutes of Health funded dangerous virus research in China, and Fauci even knew that the virus originated from there as early as February 2020. But instead of coming clean, he decided to cover it up. Talk about deception!

But this book isn’t just about settling scores with Fauci. Paul also takes a swipe at the Washington press corps for their blind faith in the “cult” of Fauci. He calls them out for their ignorance and their unwillingness to question the dogma fed to them. And he speaks from personal experience. When Paul tested positive for COVID-19 and returned to work after quarantine, the media attacked him for not wearing a mask. Little did they know, Paul had immunity thanks to surviving the virus. But instead of listening to reason, the reporters berated him for his “ignorance” and “dangerous noncompliance.”

Paul also criticizes Fauci’s ever-changing stance on masks. He points out that while Fauci privately admitted that masks were ineffective, he publicly chastised Paul for questioning the mask theater. And the media, of course, ate it up. The sheer lack of curiosity from Democrats and the mainstream media is truly astonishing. They were all too willing to deny civil liberties and education to millions of Americans, all in the name of COVID. And now they expect us to just “move on.” Well, Senator Paul isn’t having any of it, and neither should we. It’s time to question authority and hold those responsible for the COVID deception accountable.

Written by Staff Reports

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