Rand Paul Exposes GOP Debaters Decoy Strategy Against Trump!

In a recent interview on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Republican Senator Rand Paul shared his thoughts on the upcoming GOP debates and offered some advice to fellow candidates. Paul revealed that he had faced a similar dilemma during his own debates with former President Trump.

Paul explained, with a hint of humor, how his staff had urged him not to attack Trump during the debates. However, when faced with the opportunity to respond to a question, he couldn’t resist and went after the frontrunner. He emphasized that lesser-known candidates should not shy away from confronting the frontrunner because it’s their best chance to make a case for themselves.

Paul’s advice to the GOP candidates was clear: go after the frontrunner. He argued that candidates need to be able to highlight their own strengths and prove that they can do better than Trump if they want a fighting chance at securing the nomination.

Adding his own conservative editorial spin, the writer can praise Senator Paul for his candidness and for understanding the dynamics of the debate stage. The writer can also express disagreement with Trump’s decision to sit out the debates, emphasizing that it is essential for candidates to engage with one another and present their ideas to the American people. This opinion could be delivered with a touch of playful sarcasm to appeal to conservative readers.

Written by Staff Reports

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