Rep Chip Roy Blasts Biden’s Border Policies Amid Surge in Terror Suspects Crossing Southern Border

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy recently expressed concerns about the Biden administration’s approach to border security, citing a notable increase in known or suspected terrorists attempting to cross the southern border. According to Roy, since the beginning of the fiscal year 2021, 331 individuals affiliated with dangerous groups have been apprehended while attempting to enter the United States. This alarming trend, he asserts, is a direct result of the administration’s failure to effectively secure the border.

In a recent incident at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia, two Jordanian nationals were arrested by the Marine Corps Base Quantico’s Criminal Investigations Division. The individuals allegedly attempted to breach the base, prompting the involvement of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officers from the Criminal Apprehension Program. The suspects, who claimed to be contractors for Amazon making a delivery to the post office, were unable to provide proper credentials upon arrival at the base’s main gate. 


The situation intensified as the individuals disregarded instructions from the military police officers and sought unauthorized access to the base. Nevertheless, the officers swiftly deployed vehicle denial barriers, effectively preventing further access to the base and detaining the suspects. While it was reported that one of the individuals had recently crossed the southern border into the U.S. and that one of the occupants is on the U.S. terrorist watch list, Quantico did not confirm their status on the watch list.

Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill emphasized the severity of the incident, interpreting it as a potential “dry run” for a terrorist organization to test the viability of using a truck as a weapon. He suggested that the suspects’ conduct, which included accelerating towards the barricades after initially claiming to be delivery drivers, bore the hallmarks of a test run for a more sinister attack. O’Neill stressed the potential danger posed by such actions, emphasizing that the individuals involved were fortunate not to have been met with forceful resistance.

These events underscore the critical need for enhanced border security measures to safeguard the nation against potential threats posed by individuals associated with dangerous groups seeking entry into the United States.

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