Rep. Jerry Nadler Flips to Support Biden’s Reelection Bid After Calling for His Withdrawal

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has performed a somersault in his stance on President Joe Biden’s candidacy. Initially, Nadler had advocated for Biden to drop out following a lackluster debate showing. However, he has now done a complete 180, proclaiming his unwavering support for Biden’s reelection bid. This flip-flop raises eyebrows and questions about Nadler’s true convictions. 


Nadler’s sudden reversal may have been prompted by a scathing letter from Biden rebuking congressional Democrats for not fully backing his campaign. The letter emphasized Biden’s determination to see the race through to the end, despite internal party dissent. Biden’s resolute stance highlights his commitment to the nomination process and the clear voice of the voters.

The Democratic Party finds itself at a crossroads, with a faction of members, including Nadler, initially pushing for Biden to step aside in favor of a new candidate. This internal discord threatens to weaken the party’s unity and chances of unseating President Trump in the upcoming election. The Democrats must prioritize cohesion and clarity in their strategy moving forward.

While some Democratic figures like Rep. Angie Craig continue to advocate for Biden’s withdrawal, the president himself remains resolute in his determination to challenge Trump in the election. Biden’s unwavering resolve in the face of internal pressure underscores his belief in his ability to lead the party to victory in November.

Written by Staff Reports

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