Sanders Questions Biden’s Coherence, Urges Teleprompter-Free Events

Senator Bernie Sanders is back at it again with his unsolicited advice, this time questioning whether President Joe Biden can string a few coherent thoughts together without his trusty teleprompter. During a chat with CNN, Sanders, the Vermont progressive hero, didn’t shy away from echoing what most Americans, including top Democrats, have been whispering behind closed doors: Is Biden mentally fit to run the country?

Apparently, Sanders has heard the rumblings and is not willing to sweep them under the rug. He voiced that voters are concerned about Biden’s age and mental sharpness, suggesting that the best way for Biden to quell these doubts is to ditch the teleprompter and engage more directly with people. Sanders believes that if Biden can handle town halls and press conferences without mumbling through pre-supplied scripts, perhaps voters might not think he’s ready for the nursing home just yet.

Biden has proved his critics right during several fumbling speeches when he’s veered off-script, leaving Americans scratching their heads. Democrats were especially let down during the first presidential debate where Biden, even with advance notice of questions, gave a priceless exhibition of confused responses and garbled speech. Sanders thinks more of this unscripted action might actually clear things up for voters about Biden’s mental prowess.

Let’s not forget the history here. Sanders, who himself couldn’t secure the Democratic nomination either in 2016 or 2020 despite the fervent support from young, idealistic leftists, has a habit of calling out his own party. Remember, this is the guy who accused the DNC of rigging the primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton by controlling crucial DNC funds. Now, he’s ready to play defense for Biden but only if Joe can prove he remembers what year it is and which state he’s in.

Sanders is pushing for more transparency from Biden, suggesting town meetings and unscripted press briefings to let the American people decide for themselves if Biden is all there. Despite losing twice, Sanders is determined that come election time, it’s about the policies and not the man’s ability to remember them.

Interestingly, Sanders also highlighted that Biden still struggles to articulate the supposedly grand differences between his administration and Trump’s policies, particularly on issues like the environment and Social Security. Sanders believes if Biden can manage to make these distinctions clear, he might just stand a chance at re-election. But judging by previous performances, that seems like a tall order for a president who seems to have lost a few steps along the way.

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