Rep Ronny Jackson Demands Biden Take Drug Test Before and After Debate

Hold onto your hats, folks! The D.C. drama takes another turn as Representative Ronny Jackson, the man who kept past Presidents in tip-top shape, calls for what many conservatives are thinking: a drug test for President Biden. The former White House doctor, who served both Obama and Trump, is demanding an immediate drug test before and after Biden’s debate against former President Donald J. Trump.

Jackson isn’t mincing words. He argues that Americans deserve to know if Biden is mentally fit to serve or is running on more than just coffee and determination. According to Jackson, it’s high time Biden submits to a clinically validated drug test to reassure everyone that he isn’t relying on performance-enhancing drugs to keep up with the debate or his daily duties.

This isn’t just about a one-off test, either. Jackson wants the results out in the open, along with a full list of Biden’s daily medications and any performance enhancers he’s possibly using. After all, transparency is key when the man in question holds the highest office in the land. Voters have the right to know if the leader they’re backing is truly up to the task or if he’s getting some artificial help.

Jackson paints a picture that’s tough to ignore: a President who, in public, either appears lost and confused or suddenly transformed and energetic. With the election approaching, Jackson insists voters need clarity on whether they see the real Biden or a pharmaceutical version of him.

In his letter, Jackson brings up Biden’s public stumbles and seeming confusion, pointing to reports of a mental decline that’s hard to deny. As the nation gears up for another term decision, Jackson’s demands for Biden’s health transparency become all the more pressing. Whether it’s Sleepy Joe or Jacked-Up Joe on the stage, Americans deserve to know who’s really running the show.

Written by Staff Reports

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