Biden Campaign’s Attempt to Mock Trump Rally Backfires

The Biden campaign’s attempt to mock Trump’s Philadelphia rally backfired, with their post being called out as a “cheap fake” by critics. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed videos of Biden’s senior moments as “cheap fakes,” drawing attention to the administration’s habit of taking Trump’s words out of context.

Despite the Biden campaign’s best efforts to downplay Trump’s rally in North Philadelphia, the crowd size was undeniably massive for a Trump event in a heavily Democratic area. In an effort to outshine Trump, the Biden campaign shared images suggesting a larger turnout at a Biden event held at the same venue. However, the post conveniently left out key details that painted a different picture.

The image shared by the Biden campaign actually depicted a rally for Pennsylvania Democrats in 2022, featuring Obama, Biden, Josh Shapiro, and John Fetterman. Photos from that event show only half the stadium filled, casting doubt on the comparison to Trump’s recent rally. A video comparison further suggests that Trump’s rally may have had a better turnout than the past Democratic event. 


In conclusion, the Biden campaign’s attempt to mock Trump with a “cheap fake” post fell flat, with critics pointing out the misleading nature of the comparison. The incident highlights the partisan tactics employed by both sides in shaping public perception of rally attendance.

Written by Staff Reports

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