Report Unveils Jim Biden’s Business Ties with Qatari Investors

In a recent revelation, fresh insights surface regarding Jim Biden's purported business entanglements with the Qatari government. Reports indicate that two entities linked to Jim Biden's endeavors to procure funds for U.S. healthcare ventures had partial ownership by Qatari government members. Should these claims hold true, they could signify the closest financial nexus between a presidential relative and a foreign entity.

The spotlight falls on Platinum Group USA and Obermeyer Engineering Consulting, both of which were spotlighted in recent testimony by fund manager Michael Lewitt. These firms played integral roles in Jim Biden's fundraising pursuits within the healthcare sector. Documentation and correspondences hint at Jim Biden's attempts to navigate around international financial constraints.

It's alleged that Jim Biden began courting Qatari backing shortly after concluding his tenure as vice president in the Obama administration. Lewitt's testimony suggests that Jim Biden's connections to the Qatari government might run deeper than previously perceived.

In 2017, against a backdrop of diplomatic strains, Jim Biden commenced rallying support for his healthcare ventures, coinciding with Qatar's efforts to fortify relationships with the U.S. and European allies. Collaborating with Platinum Group's CEO Amer Rustom, who boasted ties to the Middle East, Jim Biden forged ahead. Together, they even crafted a missive to the Qatar Investment Authority, leveraging Jim Biden's familial affiliations and the ensuing potential for business collaborations.

Yet, their fundraising endeavors encountered hurdles, grappling with legal intricacies concerning cross-border investment transfers. Accusations of embezzlement surrounding Third Friday's loans to Americore, an enterprise with Jim Biden's involvement, have escalated into legal wrangles. Investors from Lewitt's firm have taken legal action, and Third Friday's transactions with Americore now fall under federal scrutiny in Florida.

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