Reporter Bungles Op-Ed, Brands MAGA Bigger Threat Than Hamas!

It seems like the left never runs out of idiotic opinions to spew. This time, it’s columnist Brian Karem who decided to grace us with his presence and write a mind-numbingly stupid op-ed for Salon. In his piece titled “MAGA and Christian nationalism: Bigger threat to America than Hamas could ever be,” Karem attempts to argue that supporters of MAGA and Christian nationalism are somehow more dangerous to America than the terrorist group Hamas. Can you believe this nonsense?

Karem starts off his article by highlighting a question asked by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy during a White House press briefing. Doocy inquired about the possibility of terrorists crossing the southern border and posing a threat to the United States. It’s a valid concern that many Americans have, but Karem conveniently ignores that and instead focuses on his own question about Hamas attacking the US. He then goes on a nonsensical rant about how Republicans are undermining bipartisanship and wanting to create a theocracy. Talk about a major leap in logic!

But here’s the kicker: Karem fails to provide any evidence or examples to support his claims. He just throws out baseless accusations without any real substance. Typical leftist move, if you ask me. And let’s not forget that he completely ignores the fact that it’s actually the left who supports Hamas. Just take a look at all the pro-Hamas rallies filled with white progressive chicks screaming their heads off. It’s absurd.

This whole article is a prime example of the left’s inability to form coherent arguments. They’re more interested in pushing their own political agenda than actually presenting facts and engaging in honest debate. It’s shameful and, quite frankly, embarrassing. But hey, it’s always entertaining to witness liberals make fools of themselves. Keep it up, Karem. We need the laughs.

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