RFK Birthday Fundraiser Fall Flat as Celebrities No-Show!

In a recent announcement, the independent contender for the presidency, Robert Kennedy Jr., stirred up buzz about a fundraiser bash set to light up his birthday. This event was hyped to be a star-studded affair, riding on Kennedy's famous family name and his marriage to TV personality Cheryl Hines. But it seems this high-flying soirée might not have the celebrity glam it promised.

In the days following the announcement, several celebrities waved off any plans of gracing the party. The Super PAC American Values 2024, backing Kennedy's presidential aspirations, flaunted a list from the U.K.'s Daily Mail claiming big names like opera maestro Andrea Bocelli, former boxing champ Mike Tyson, actor Martin Sheen, and songstress Dionne Warwick.

However, Kennedy hit a snag as none of these celebrities seemed keen on linking up with his campaign or showing up at the birthday bash. Warwick made it clear she had no clue about the event and hadn't signed up for it. Sheen took to social media, drawing a firm line between himself and Kennedy, throwing full-fledged support behind Joe Biden and the 2024 Democratic ticket.

Bradley Whitford, Sheen's colleague from "The West Wing," relayed the actor's sentiments to the public. Bocelli's rep told Rolling Stone the singer wouldn't be in the U.S. that month, casting shadows on his attendance. Tyson's plans for the party remain shrouded in mystery. Despite CBS News seeking comment from American Values 2024, the PAC remained tight-lipped.

Kennedy's campaign distanced itself from the fundraiser's organization, leaving lingering doubts about the accuracy of the initial starry guest list. With Kennedy's 70th birthday fast approaching on January 17th, the fallout from this unfortunate episode on his White House ambitions remains uncertain.

Written by Staff Reports

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