RFK Jr. Defies Threats, Challenges Biden in 2024 Race – Could He Save America?

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is not afraid of being assassinated like his uncle and father. However, he is being careful, which is quite understandable considering that he sits in the crosshairs of the intelligence community and other powerful interests that threaten his safety.

In a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Kennedy spoke out about his belief that his uncle’s death was orchestrated by the intelligence community. He also talked about his own precautions, which limit his ability to connect with people and get into communities. Despite these limitations, Kennedy understands the inherent risks and knows that he is a major threat to those powerful vested interests.

Interestingly, Kennedy is giving President Biden a run for his money for the Democratic Party’s nomination. Polls show that increasing numbers of Democrats are feeling unsatisfied with the notion of re-electing the 80-something president, and are eager to nominate someone else. Recent surveys also reveal that a majority of Democrats are no longer interested in supporting Biden’s campaign.

Kennedy’s platform is also gaining significant momentum, as he proposes measures to dismantle the deep-state censorship and remove invasive procedures currently curbing the civil liberties of Americans. He has successfully attracted support from liberal heavyweights like Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, who has publicly endorsed him.

Americans can clearly recognize the climate of authoritarianism that has taken hold of the country under the guise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kennedy is stepping forward to offer a powerful voice and a viable alternative to those people who have had enough of big government’s oppressive intrusions into their daily lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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