RFK Jr.’s Surge Panics Biden: Dems Fear Independent Upset!

The Washington Examiner Managing Editor Chris Irvine and Investigations Editor Sarah Bedford got together to chat about the spectacular rise of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as an independent candidate. RFK Jr. is causing a stir as one of the most popular independent candidates in decades, and that’s sending shockwaves through the Biden camp. The Biden folks are starting to sweat bullets over the appeal of RFK Jr. and are wondering if this upstart could spoil their grand plans for total liberal domination.

But that’s not all! It seems President Biden’s love affair with the far-left is hitting some rocky patches. The extreme lefties who were once swooning over Biden are now turning their noses up at him. It’s like a bad breakup, and the far-left is on the rebound. They’re not happy with Biden’s centrist moves, and they’re making their displeasure known.

And just when you thought the drama couldn’t get any juicier, there’s the matter of former President Donald Trump. Biden and his cronies thought they could just coast to victory by hinging everything on Trump being toxic. But guess what? Trump’s toxicity might not be as deadly as they hoped. The former president still has a hold on a significant chunk of the American electorate, and that has the Biden team shaking in their boots.

The Biden camp is in disarray. They never anticipated the rise of RFK Jr., the pushback from the far-left, and the lingering influence of Trump. It’s like a political soap opera, and the next episode is sure to be a doozy! And that’s the tea from the Washington Examiner’s dynamic duo, Chris Irvine and Sarah Bedford.

Written by Staff Reports

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