Riley Gaines Screams ‘Libel’ – Ready to Drag News Outlet to Court!

In a fiery response to a news article that she believed was an attempt to tarnish her reputation, swimmer and activist Riley Gaines threatened to sue. The article, published by British newspaper PinkNews, claimed that Gaines was responsible for anti-trans harassment on social media that was linked to a bomb threat at a California library. Gaines had shared a video from a Moms for Liberty meeting at the library, where staff interrupted the meeting to advocate for transgender athletes.

Gaines took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to voice her displeasure with the article. She accused PinkNews of libel and character assassination, suggesting that they were the ones inciting violence and outrage. In her post, she included the location and phone number of the library, which she claimed led to the library receiving an anonymous bomb threat. The library and a nearby elementary school were subsequently evacuated.

The article did not receive a favorable response from Gaines. She criticized PinkNews for not reaching out to her for comment and accused them of posting “libelous garbage.” She warned them to “get your lawyers ready,” indicating her intention to take legal action. Gaines gained online popularity after speaking out about the debate surrounding transgender women in sports, particularly after competing against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in last year’s NCAA championships.

Opinion: It is outrageous that PinkNews would publish such a defamatory article without proper evidence or reaching out to Gaines for her side of the story. This is a clear example of biased journalism, attempting to smear the reputation of a conservative activist. It is refreshing to see someone like Gaines standing up for what she believes in and not backing down in the face of such unfair treatment. The mainstream media needs to be held accountable for their actions and learn the consequences of spreading false information. PinkNews should be prepared to face the legal consequences of their irresponsible reporting.

Written by Staff Reports

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