Ex-Trump Aide Lingers in Jail While Others Walk Free: Injustice!

It occurred during the election fraud case in Fulton County, Georgia, that Harrison Floyd, who was the director of Black Voices for Donald Trump, was not released on bond. The other defendants were released on bond after posting their own bonds. It is not clear why Floyd was still in jail when the other people were released. According to Judge Scott McAfee, Floyd was supposed to appear in court on Friday, but he later retracted his statement due to what he referred to as “misinformation.”

In addition to soliciting false statements, Floyd is also charged with racketeering and influencing witnesses in connection with the 2020 presidential election. According to prosecutors, he tried to influence a local election worker in Georgia to confess wrongdoings. In Maryland, Floyd is accused of assaulting an FBI agent.

In May, Floyd was accused of assaulting an agent after he questioned their identity and demanded to see their badges, court documents show. The reason behind the grand jury's interest in his testimony is not clear.

Prior to running for office in Georgia's 7th congressional district, Floyd was a former member of the US Marine Corps. Since the reports about his arrest surfaced, he has not commented on the matter and is not yet represented by an attorney. His situation has raised concerns about his possible involvement and the circumstances surrounding his detention.

Written by Staff Reports

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