Sanctuary Cities Shocked by Surge in Alien Crime! Thanks, Biden!

In a shocking turn of events (cue sarcasm), police departments in sanctuary cities are reporting a surge in crime tied to illegal aliens released by the Biden administration. Isn’t it just mind-blowing? Chicago and New York City, two shining examples of Democratic leadership, are now dealing with significant increases in crimes committed by these illegal aliens. But hey, who could have seen this coming?

The Oak Brook, Illinois police department has had its hands full with illegal alien felons. In just one day, they arrested six of these individuals, bringing the total to 47 since October 23. Chief Brian Strockis emphasized that migrant criminal activity is a real problem in his statement, pointing out that they have had at least 175 illegal arrests in the past year. Mostly for property crimes, mind you. But fear not, the officers in Oak Brook remain motivated and determined to keep their community safe. How inspiring!

However, with Texas Governor Greg Abbott possibly busing illegals to Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s sanctuary, one wonders just how prepared they are to handle the influx. Let’s hope they have ample resources because it seems like easier targets for these crimes are few and far between. But don’t worry, the Department of Homeland Security and ICE have yet to comment on this issue. Maybe they’re too busy with other, more important matters. Or perhaps they’re just avoiding the subject altogether. Who can say?

Meanwhile, the NYPD in New York City is struggling to deal with illegal alien pickpocketing teams. One resident stated that it has become quite intense lately, with these criminals working as a well-coordinated team. The NYPD is already facing many challenges, and now they have to deal with another group of individuals who have no legal means of support or opportunity. It’s truly a surprise that anyone would be shocked by this. Anyone with common sense, that is.

Let’s not forget that New York City is currently housing over 67,000 migrants (or should we say illegal aliens?) in hotels. They have taken in over 172,000 migrants since 2022, thanks to the generosity of the Biden administration. And it’s not just New York City feeling the effects. Democrat-run sanctuary cities all across the country are facing the consequences of their own policies. But it seems like Democrats are only concerned when it affects them directly. Hypocrisy at its finest.

So, here we are, witnessing the aftermath of Biden’s open-border policies. Crimes committed by illegal aliens, cities overwhelmed with the strain, and Democrats scrambling to save face. It’s almost amusing, if it weren’t for the fact that real people are suffering because of their incompetence. But hey, at least we can take comfort in our Chicago-style, thin-crust pizza while we watch the chaos unfold. That’s one thing they haven’t ruined yet.

Written by Staff Reports

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