Scarborough Begs: Let Biden Go Wild and Slip Up!

In a rather bizarre turn of events, President Joe Biden’s favorite morning show host, Joe Scarborough, has come out with a suggestion for the White House. He believes that Biden should be allowed to be in public more often. Now, this may sound like a simple request, but when you dig a little deeper, you realize there’s more going on here.

You see, there have been ongoing concerns about Biden’s lack of press conferences and public engagements. It’s like he’s gone into hiding or something. And Scarborough, always ready to jump on the bandwagon, pointed to a report by Politico about Biden using colorful language in private conversations with former President Donald Trump. Scarborough believes that if Biden is allowed to address the public more frequently, it will give him the opportunity to make mistakes and show his true colors. But hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good slip-up now and then?

Now, I must say, Biden’s choice of words is quite concerning. Calling your political opponent a “sick fuck” and a “fucking asshole” really shows the level of discourse we’ve come to expect from our distinguished leaders. But Scarborough seems to think it’s a good thing. He suggests that Biden should let Fox News make fun of him for his stutter and show flashes of anger. Because, you know, that’s what we want in a president – someone who can’t control their emotions and resorts to name-calling.

But Scarborough didn’t stop there. He also brought up an incident from the 2020 campaign when Biden lost his temper at an Iowa voter and called him “fat.” Ah, yes, a real human moment indeed. Nothing says relatable like insulting a voter’s weight. I’m sure that’s exactly what the American people are looking for in their leader.

And in case you were wondering, Biden is a huge fan of “Morning Joe” and frequently calls Scarborough to vent his frustrations about media coverage. Because who needs a press conference when you can just pick up the phone and complain to your favorite TV host?

So there you have it, folks. Scarborough thinks that Biden should be allowed to be in public more often so he can make mistakes and show his true colors. And while it may be entertaining to watch Biden stumble and insult people, it’s not exactly what we need in a president. We need someone who can handle the pressures of the job and engage with the public in a respectful and professional manner. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a conservative with common sense.

Written by Staff Reports

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